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5 Things Business Owners Need To Know Right Now About Marketing Online

Business owners often ask, “Why won’t my website make money?”

Let me share a quick story that might help explain… While on vacation this summer, I took my son Jake deep sea fishing off the coast of South Carolina.

Now… the ocean is a really big place to fish with lots of fish to catch. This is just like you trying to catch customers on the internet.

The problem is that fish… and people… aren’t evenly distributed and they aren’t all interested in the same things at the same time. You can’t just go out, drop a line in the water and catch something.

To catch customers or fish, there are a few essentials you’re going to need.

First… You need the right hook to snag your customers.

Second… You need bait… not just any bait… the right kind of bait that will attract what you want to catch.

Third… You need a way to reel them in once they take the bait and you have them hooked.

#1. The HOOK:

This first secret is more than 300 years old and has been used by the most successful marketers of all-time. You see it being used everywhere. Here’s a hint… think Newspapers.

Remember, that people are busy and in a rush. Their top priorities for their time tend to be Family… Work… and Leisure.

If you want to interrupt them while they rush around trying to meet those demands on their time… then you have to clearly show how what YOU offer is more important… at least temporarily… than those other three priorities and you have ONLY mere seconds to grab their attention… to hook them.

So, what is the 300 hundred year old secret?is to use attention-grabbing headlines that speak to the deepest desires or greatest frustrations of your ideal prospect. The news industry has mastered the art of attention-grabbing headlines.

It’s to use attention-grabbing headlines that speak to the deepest desires or greatest frustrations of your ideal prospect. The news industry has mastered the art of attention-grabbing headlines.

The HEADLINE is what hooks your prospect by their emotions and compels them to read or listen to more. Your headline is the sales pitch FOR your sales pitch.

To set your hook good and deep so your prospects don’t get away, you need to remember that people take action or buy based on their EMOTIONS.

It’s your job to connect with your ideal prospects by explaining and demonstrating how your company can solve THEIR problems at a deeply emotional level.

Therefore, a very powerful, emotion-filled HEADLINE is your first marketing priority.

#2. The BAIT:

This is your compelling offer. Your offer should be something that your ideal prospect perceives to have high value. I tell people to offer overwhelming value so that your prospects would have to be stupid to say no.

Most business people spend way too much time talking about features. Your customer doesn’t care. What they want are results… solutions… benefits and Not just any benefits. They want benefits that are meaningful to them.

You don’t want to force people to buy or to leave. Give them something for FREE that showcases your expertise and value so your prospect can sample your offering FIRST.

When you do this well, a powerful psychological pressure kicks-in. “If you do something nice for me then I feel obligated to do something nice in return.” This compulsion is called reciprocity. Giving your prospect something of real value FIRST puts psychological pressure on them to buy from LATER.

The sweeter your bait the more bites you’ll get. Use it.


One of the wonderful things about marketing online is that you can automate the process of fishing for customers. There is a simple little tool that most people under-estimate but it’s absolutely essential to reeling in your prospects and landing customers.

Your new Rod & Reel is called an email auto-responder. If you have ever subscribed to a newsletter online then you have opted-in to an email auto-responder.

It lets you put your marketing messages in a timed sequence that is automatically delivered to your prospects. Every time they get some of your information and a gentle reminder to do business with you, you increase the likelihood of turning that prospect into a paying customer.


The Fourth marketing secret is what separates the elite few who make the big money… from all the rest.

Most marketing messages are developed based almost entirely on creativity. Every day you see funny and clever ads that make you smile or laugh but have you ever noticed that many times you can’t remember WHAT they were selling?

Do you remember the old Coke ad jingle that went “I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company…”? You can sometimes still see it around Christmas. This ad was HUGELY popular because of the song. But… Coke sales actually declined during that campaign. They lost millions of dollars and were forced to drop the ad.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly how successful your marketing messages will be BEFORE you spend big money on them instead of just guessing and hoping?

There is a way. It’s called TESTING.

A simple form of testing is the A/B Split Test. This is where you create two ads or web pages where everything stays the same but you change just ONE element… like the headline. Then you send those two versions to a sample audience and see which one gets the better response.

You can do an A/B Split Test on any marketing message and you can test any element in the message… from the headlines to the guarantee, from the offer to t he price.

There’s a more advanced form of testing called Multivariate testing that lets you test all of these different elements all at the same time.

The good news is that for testing your online marketing… Google offers two powerful free tools to help you test and track your efforts. They’re called Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics helps you track the traffic on your website. Google Website Optimizer lets you do A/B Split Tests and Multivariate tests on your web pages. The two combined give you a clear picture of what’s going on and takes the guess-work out of your online marketing.

You can access these amazing free tools simply by setting up a free gmail account. It’s worth it.

With these tools you can continually improve your online marketing results while reducing your costs.

#5. The MOBILE

The number 5 secret business owners need to know about marketing online is the urgency to go MOBILE.

Smart phones with web browsing capability outnumber computers by a huge margin. Did you know that the LEAST used app on a smart phone is the PHONE? Texting is the dominant use of smart phones today followed by web browsing.

Consumers spend more time texting than ever before. If you are not using this technology to reach out to and stay connected with your customers and prospects then you will lose to your competition that does use it.

Here are a couple of quick examples of savvy businesses here locally who use mobile technology and texting to engage customers and prospects.

Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services has an auction service that uses mobile technology. Customers can choose to receive text messages when they get out-bid on auctions items.

This frees the customer from being stuck at the auction all day. The customer can then re-submit a higher bid by text, as well.

Another way they are using mobile technology to engage their customers is to send a friendly auction reminder a day or two ahead of the live auction. This boosts turn-out at the live event, which in turn, boosts auction bids and excitement.

Another local company leading the way in mobile marketing is Wheeler Broadcasting. They are using text messaging not only for their own promotions with the radio stations but they also offer this powerful tool to their customers.

For example: customers can do a radio promotion directing listeners to text a special promotional number. When they do, they get back an instant text with the details of the promotional offer. And it’s all TRACKABLE.

You know exactly how much response you generated and it’s instant… providing you and your customer immediate feedback at the very moment the customer is most interested in what you are selling.

Now, that’s powerful!







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