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Don’t buy into their sob stories…

by Charlie Greer


Ever show up on a sales or service call, and have the customer immediately confront you at the front door with, “We don’t want to spend a lot of money here!”
Many salespeople will respond with something along the lines of, “Do you want it done right, or do you want it done cheap? You can’t have them both.” That makes a good point, but it probably doesn’t make a sale.
When they confront you at the door like that, respond with, “Okay, so you want it done right, but you want to spend the least amount of money possible, correct?”
They’ll usually start nodding their head and saying, “Yeah, that’s right.”
Then say, “Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. Let’s take a look.” Then go about your call.

What to do:


  • Don’t run calls with a “salesman” attitude.
  • Don’t pay much mind to the customer’s attitude toward money. Work under the assumption they don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  • Don’t start selling at the front door.
  • Look everything over. Make a list, in order of priority, of everything that needs to be done. This list isn’t overkill, but usually far exceeds the bare minimum.
  • Don’t decide the customer doesn’t want to spend money or, despite all appearances, have money or a way to get it.

When going over this list with the customer, don’t show a lot of emotion. Be very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. Even with today’s economic uncertainty, people want things done right, and know that it’s going to cost them money. Be calm and upfront with them; they’ll take it in stride.

A Case in Point:
A friend of mine showed up just to do some non-essential maintenance at the home of a gentleman who, upon opening the front door, launched into a huge sob story about how he had been laid off six months ago and didn’t have two nickels to rub together.

My buddy still did his complete inspection. Completely deadpan, he went over the list showing the bare necessities (with a subtotal), what really ought to be done (with another subtotal), and the complete job to do it right (with a final total at the bottom of the page).

He admits he was brief in his explanations because, based on the customer’s story, he didn’t expect to make any kind of sale at all. Much to his amazement, he walked away with $5,300 in $100 bills. The customer said he didn’t have two nickels. Maybe that was true. But he certainly had enough $100 bills.
The customer told him that, since finances were short, he felt the cheapest way to go was to do the job right, and take advantage of the discounts associated with doing the whole thing at once. I couldn’t agree more.

The moral of the story: Don’t buy into their sob stories.
Contrary to popular opinion, people are spending money on home services right now. Even cheapskates are spending. It’s a necessity. They don’t have any choice. They just don’t “want” to spend money. But people have been complaining about having to spend money to maintain their homes since the very first billable service call was ever run. The only difference between now and then is that they’ve got a built-in negative comment to make to you about “the economy.”

If they didn’t expect to have to spend money, and didn’t want it done right, they wouldn’t have called you out there in the first place. When you run calls, ignore all their negativity and just do your job like the professional that you are.


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