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Handling Customer Satisfaction



By Allan Ferguson

How does your business handle customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a critical element of any business regardless of your industry and you need to properly invest in a system to ensure customers’ voices are heard and your business can reach its potential.

It is only through a formalised customer satisfaction system your business can truly recognise customer needs and the lessons you take from their thoughts- both positive and, hopefully only on rare occasions if that, negative- are acknowledged and learned from.

Let me give you a brief example of an effective customer satisfaction process and what your business can learn from it.

Whilst your technician is still on site having almost completed a job, get your CSR team to call the customer and do what is called “happy call.”

It often goes along the lines of “Hello Mrs Smith, this is John from The Plumbers calling, just wanted to confirm everything went well today with the technician out there on your job?”

Customers are generally more likely to offer their thoughts on anything needing attention whilst a technician is still on site.

If they have any comments or concerns, for example say any loose pieces of rubbish, the tech will then be called and told “Hi, you haven’t cleaned up properly, please do so.”

This communication process tends to immediately solve most problems and definitely works best when the tech is on site.

It’s important to make this sort of communication the norm for your business.

It’s also vital to contact your customers perhaps a week after the job is completed to make sure everything’s been well and to get any more thoughts from them.

I highly recommend your business put in place a customer communication system where perhaps you might be able to get someone to do these follow-up calls each week.

The same process applies for monitoring online reviews.

A customer may prefer to give their thoughts via the internet and if a negative review appears, it’s paramount for your CSR to respond immediately.

An action plan for this scenario may involve a technical supervisor contacting the technician to get details on the work and then contacting the customer to determine the exact issue.

Then the technical supervisor will work with the customer to rectify the issue.

For example, a customer may have had their job done perfectly but their neighbour might have told them someone else could’ve performed it for half the price so the customer posts a negative review.

The technical supervisor can go through the pricing with the customer and explain the process with them and why their perfectly done job was charged how it was.

You must make sure any questions the customer has are answered so they truly know their thoughts are acknowledged and they’ve received value for their money instead of negative thoughts to build.

You can then ask for the customer to take down their negative review and you’ll find the majority are happy to do so because you’ve fixed any problems causing the review in the first place.

As you formalise the process you can begin to track any patterns-positive or negative- within your customer feedback.

Perhaps there’s a string of customer concerns regarding one technician not cleaning up properly.

Thanks to the system you now have implemented, you can sit down with the technician and discover he is not looking at one of the steps on your checklist.

Therefore you remedy the situation and steer the technician towards what’s expected of him and you now have eliminated a customer concern and increased their satisfaction!

The chance to get closer to the customer and compile their thoughts is a priceless learning opportunity for any business and can have tremendous results.

How does your business handle customer satisfaction?

Allan Ferguson is the CEO of Service Professionals Australia.

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