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How To Powerfully Lead Your Team Through Tough Times.

Leadership is an immense responsibility. You are called a leader because it’s your responsibility to lead your team.

A greater level of Leadership is required during challenging times.  It’s easy to lead when you have momentum, but when you don’t, effective leaders become priceless.

What is a major Leadership Challenge you are dealing with right now that requires your Leadership?



When I lead Leaders one on one, I drive into them: “Assume Nothing”.

In many instances, assumptions lead to unexpected and unwanted challenges.  Not assuming anything and finding out the correct facts/doing proper research is a key leadership behaviour that will reduce unexpected challenges.

What are you assuming?

Have you acquired all the facts?

Are you sure?



When challenges exist within the team you lead, your ability to communicate effectively will be vital.

There are two ways people absorb information:

  1. Via Auditory means, i.e. they only understand a message via hearing it
  2. Visual means, i.e. they only understand a message via seeing it

What this means is that if, at a team meeting, you outlined your plan on how to move forward and you only spoke it, you could assume approximately 50% (for the sake of simplicity) of the people in the room will not fully comprehend what you said! Not good! You need to communicate both verbally and visually to be effective.

Does your information get through?

Is it really being heard?

Are you communicating both verbally and visually?

Do you know how each member of your team receives information best?



The bigger the Leadership Challenge, the more energy and focus the leader must put into building the teams culture. This develops an environment where individuals can excel during challenging times because a winning team culture develops an environment where there is unity and harmony, honesty, open communication, trust, a focus on the right behaviors that will drive results, accountability and respect.

Culture drives everything, good and bad. An organisation will reap what it sows.

What is your team culture?  

What does your team stand for?

What are you doing to create the right environment so that your team can remain aligned to the vision, having the discipline and focus on the right leadership behaviours, to over come the challenges?  

Having Leadership responsibility over 9 years in the National Rugby League with the Manly Sea Eagles 2005 – 2011 and South Sydney Rabbitohs 2014 – 2015 and most recently The Australian Women’s Football Team “The Matildas”, (who made the Quarter Finals of last months World Cup in Canada!), there are constant challenges on a weekly basis that must be immediately addressed to give the players and the team the best opportunity of winning their next game. Professional Sport is relentless and throws up many challenges, which require effective leadership and a winning team culture.



Does your team culture provide the opportunity for individuals to grow as people, so that whatever challenge needs to be addressed, can be dealt with?

The number one asset of any business is its people – every company should be all about growing its people. You need to have the ability to create momentum within your team or organisation by empowering each team member to reach their potential.  You need to stimulate and agitate them – challenge them to learn from mistakes, to grow and you need to build them up.

When it comes to the people you have around you, do they:

  1. Align to the company’s values?
  2. Display personal motivation?
  3. Accept the responsibilities of Leadership?
  4. Deliver on their responsibilities?
  5. Exude passion and belief in what they do?

What processes do you have in place to equip the people you have around you to grow in their individual roles?

Leadership at the best of times isn’t easy but in the tough times it challenges you to your very core and then some.  Dig deep, get disciplined and focus on those behaviours and processes that will drive results.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I look forward to communicating with you in the year ahead to add value to your leadership journey. Peter Cox.

Peter Cox is the CEO of Leadership Dynamics and Leading4Growth 

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