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Increasing Call Conversions

Recently I wrote about the power of knowing your numbers and the influence training plays in establishing and reaching goals for your business to succeed. Once you’ve determined the daily break even target for your business the next step might be to determine the number of customer calls your CSR team needs to be converting into a technician arriving at a customer’s door.

I must stress immediately the importance of getting your numbers correct before proceeding, as there is a painful lesson to be learned if your data is not accurate. Previously there was a time where the data I was receiving was incorrect, and the problem with using incorrect data in goal-setting is you as the owner will therefore be making incorrect decisions. So once you have established a system and you know for certain your data is correct, let’s look at a method of analysing your call numbers and selecting training to set and attain sales targets.

Your CSR team makes outbound calls and also receives inbound calls, with potential sales leads from both of these styles of customer communication. Every call needs to be logged and then categorised into the specific type of customer query (for example, blocked drains, or hot water systems and so on). As the owner you must then know how many of these calls are converted into one of your technicians arriving at the customer’s door.

Conversion rate targets are highly subjective among businesses and it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation so you need to put in the time to determine what number your business should aim for. But regardless of what this number will be, knowing your numbers is the best management tool you can have because it allows you to determine your starting point and what you need to do to go to where you need to be.

Let’s say you’ve gone through the logs of every phone call your CSR team is involved in and based on total sales the current conversion rate is only 20%. Knowing this rate, you decide you want to double it to 40% as this is the realistic level you need to generate higher profits based on knowing your numbers. The thought of doubling converted calls may seem daunting and overwhelming, however because you know your numbers you can simplify this for your team.

It’s as simple as explaining for every 10 calls your CSR team is involved with, they currently convert two. All that’s needed to reach your goal is lifting this overall number from two to four.

By analysing the calls you may see one type of call (for example, blocked drains) is successful six times out of ten, yet another (hot water systems) is only converted one time out of ten. Hot water systems can be a difficult call to convert but because you know 90% of these calls aren’t resulting in sales, you may decide to focus on introducing specific training on this to your CSR team. I speak from experience in saying Charlie Greer, for example, is the master of maximising the value of hot water systems phone calls. By doing this, you’ll notice conversion rates for hot water systems significantly lift from their current 10% rate and thus overall conversions begin to pick up.

Just like knowing your numbers, the need to identify your calls and understand which areas are dragging your conversion rate down must be a continual process. This might mean a small difference to your marketing budget but if you can get an improvement of your CSR conversion rate it makes a big impact on your overall results!

Another way of looking at it is if your current strategy is only converting two from ten calls, think about the difference you’ll experience with increasing conversion to four calls out of ten with only minor strategy adjustments.

Know your numbers, invest in training and give your CSR team the best opportunity to get your technician to the customer’s door.

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