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Lead a Successful Team Through Acknowledgment

Leadership tips

Acknowledging the Team: 3 reasons why it matters

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. A leader is someone who is in the team, someone who values the staff and acknowledges their actions.  These are the differences between a boss and a leader. In the wise words of Gordon Selfridge “The boss says, GO; the leader says lets, GO!”

Are you acknowledging your team?j0285004

You may not even mean to be ignoring your team, but not taking the time to talk can cost you. Acknowledgement can drastically change the attitude and therefore the performance of your team members. It is a common misconception that all people are money driven. The truth is people want to be valued. Everyone wants their achievements to be recognised and if you stop caring, so will they. Acknowledgement takes little effort and can have a massive result on your team’s performance.

Why is acknowledgement important?

It builds trust

Recognising and praising your team member’s efforts makes them feel happy towards you. This increase in trust and likability will make you a more effective leader, resulting in people respecting your words and judgement. Your team will notice that you are making an effort and feel they must do the same. The best leadership is run on respect, not fear.

It motivates

It pushes people to work harder for you. People enjoy their work not because of their pay check but because they are being valued. It is addictive. They will want more praise and work hard to get it!

Establishes loyalty

It is easy to be the boss that people don’t like. People that like you and like working for you do not want to let you down. If people are happy with you and their job they are less likely to leave. This means instead of hiring and training new staff all the time you can have team members that have had long experience with the company.

How to acknowledge?

Acknowledgement is very simple and there are a variety of different ways to praise you team. It can be as simple as talking to them in public. Making a public announcement about a particular individual, even briefly, can make a big difference. Even telling your team members as a whole how pleased you are with their performance and efforts. Public acknowledgement is very effective. Even more effective is talking to staff one on one to personally acknowledge their actions. There are many ways to acknowledge staff, you just need to put in the effort. By acknowledging your staff you will create a better, productive work environment.

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