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Mark’s Meditation Process – how a crazy hunch turned into $2,000,000…

by Mark Matteson on

There is an old expression, “It’s not the son that will run the business into the ground, rather the grandson.” Statistics demonstrate less than 10% of third generation businesses survive. Can’t you just see the how and why Hilton Hotels with Paris at the helm in a few years will come crashing down?

The good name of Conrad Hilton, her grandfather, is already tainted.

When Conrad wanted to buy the Stevens Corp. at auction, he determined $165,000 would be a good price and wrote that down. Upon awakening in the morning, the number 180,000 flashed across his mind as a hunch. Conrad was in the habit of listening to his hunches. He swiftly changed his sealed bid quote to $180,000 and submitted it. He was awarded the company shortly thereafter because he was the high bidder. He made a $2,000,000 profit from that company. What was the next highest bidder? $179,800!

How do we tap into the small still voice, the iron string, the Infinite Intelligence? Here is one way:

1. Write down your problem or goal in the form of a question the night before in a journal or on a legal pad

2. Carve out 30 minutes first thing in the morning where you will not be disturbed, no phone, no noise, no interruptions

3. Say a little prayer of thanks

4. Think of a past win

5. Say and write the goal down as a question like, “How can I increase sales by 35% this year?” or “How can I attract and retain great employees for my company?”

6. Wait…be still.

7. Write down anything that flashes across your mind, a hunch, an idea, a thought, an action, a name. Then think a little more on whatever you wrote down. Then take action.

Most of the time, your ideas won’t be any good. But every once in a while, a brilliant idea will hit you. It only take one great idea to make you wealthy.

Try this for 30 days. Keep all your ideas on 3×5 cards in a shoe box, or in a book, binder or journal. You won’t believe they came from inside you.

“All the resources we need are in the mind” – Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President

Mark Matteson

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