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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD 12-easy payments plan

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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD  single-payment plan

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The Power of Positive Pricing

Free 30-day membership to Service Roundtable with purchase.

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Over-The-Top HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Quantifying Quality for HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Slacker’s Guide To HVAC Sales on audio CD

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HVAC Sales Mini Combo Pack:

Includes both “Over-The-Top HVAC Sales” and “Quantifying Quality” CD’s

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HVAC Sales Full Combo Pack:

Includes “Over-The-Top HVAC Sales,” “Quantifying Quality,” and “Slacker’s Guide”

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Social media vs Direct marketing.

Social media vs Direct marketing

What will be most effective for your business? Here we will be looking at what marketing techniques are going to drive sales for your business. We have social media, a new, explosive platform that can take the world by storm and we have direct marketing that has been around for many years building brands and sales. So what one should you use?file0001439464134

Social media

Social media obviously has a big appeal due to marketing content being able to quickly sweep the globe at a very cheap cost. Not only that but you are able to gain fantastic one on one contact with your customers, meaning you make your brand feel local and trusted. You hear all the time about how that one post went viral and completely revolutionised a brand. However there are some downsides.

Though social media can make you a lot of likes it can also make you very unliked. Social media can be cruel and unforgiving. One bad post can undo years of brand building. Not to mention the work load. Social media requires constant attention. By not posting regularly you are forgotten quickly.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing has been used for many years for a reason. It works. Direct marketing keeps bringing in sales months after it was launched, meaning once it is out there you do not have keep giving it attention. It is also extremely easy to track its effectiveness. Direct marketing is very testable and measurable so you can maximise your return.

However, you will not get instant results with direct marketing. It takes a lot of time to design and implement and even more time to see results. It also takes a toll on the wallet. Direct marketing can be very expensive.

Who is the winner?

You would have noticed that both social media and direct marketing have their own strengths and weakness. So why would you use only one? Social media and direct marketing work hand in hand giving you the best of both worlds. Direct marketing could drive customers to join social media. Social media can build up anticipation, telling customers that direct marketing is sending new content. They can both work together to create unbeatable customer service and expose your customers to more content to boost sales.

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