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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD 12-easy payments plan

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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD  single-payment plan

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The Power of Positive Pricing

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Over-The-Top HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Quantifying Quality for HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Slacker’s Guide To HVAC Sales on audio CD

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The Daily Habits of Successful People

Is there a secret to being successful? While it is impossible to push a button and suddenly find yourself a successful human, it certainly couldn’t hurt to start taking on board some of the daily habits that most successful people have in common.

Cut the Sleep-In!

Successful people wake up early. The earlier they start the day, the more opportunities there are to get things accomplished. If you are the type of person who rises at the last allowable minute before you need to be at work, consider setting your alarm for half an hour earlier. Take your time getting ready in the morning, treat yourself to a healthy breakfast, or go for a brisk walk. Successful people consider themselves much more prepared for the day when they’ve woken early. Of course, these early birds have to get a good night’s sleep. Think about shifting your sleeping and waking times earlier if you want to live more like a successful person.

Get Some Regular Exercise

Exercise is undoubtedly one of the portions of the day-to-day regimen of successful people. It helps you feel good about yourself and keeps your body healthy. Exercise has also been shown to keep the mind alert, and forces you to be disciplined. Reports have found that 70% of successful business individuals find a way to exercise each day. Consider fitting in a quick walk before you leave for work – or walking or cycling to work if it makes sense at all. If you need to drive, you could park further away than necessary to force yourself to get some extra steps in. Instead of staying at your desk or going to the lunch room for lunch, you could take a walk to the nearby shops. Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator adds a little exercise to your day.

Read for fun

Most successful people are in the habit of reading every day. Reading helps your vocabulary, imagination, and critical thinking skills, so it isn’t just a leisure activity. If novels aren’t your thing, check out magazines, newspapers, online articles, or try a different genre. If you think you don’t have any time left to squeeze in reading time, try an audio book in the car while driving to work, or on an mp3 player while exercising. Any kind of reading will provide massive benefits to you in your quest for success. If nothing else, you’ll have something interesting to talk about.

Work on Your Life Balance

Despite what you may think, successful individuals do not have work on their mind all the time. They set aside time for their family, friends, and themselves. They think of it as a way to recharge their batteries. If you are finding yourself constantly bogged down in a pile of work, or if you are answering calls and emails well into the night, you are missing out on life. Personal time is critical. In fact, taking time to yourself means you’ll be a more efficient worker. Don’t burn out. Let your staff know that you aren’t contactable after work hours and stop thinking about work when you don’t need to be!

Take Weekends Off

Following on from the above point, weekends should be time off (unless of course your business necessitates working on weekends). Successful people know that weekends are actually a secret weapon. You want to hit Monday ready to go. To do that, weekends need to rejuvenate you, rather than exhaust. Activities such as volunteer work, spiritual activities, hands on parenting, and light exercise will all make you a better worker than if you worked all weekend. Successful people usually spend their weekends participating in a combination of family activities as well as creative activities which stimulate the right side of their brain.

The daily habits of successful people may not sound too difficult to achieve, but if you want to perform them, it will take discipline and commitment. Which, unsurprisingly, are also traits of successful people. Give them a go and let us know how it goes!

Do you want more tips to living a successful life? Check out for some excellent resources.

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