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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD 12-easy payments plan

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The Power of Positive Pricing

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Over-The-Top HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Quantifying Quality for HVAC Sales on audio CD

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The simple way to make a lasting difference in your business

If you want to make a lasting difference to your service business then sometimes it’s as simple as giving your technicians better support within your business.

Managers may mean well and believe the support they offer is what’s best for business but how they perceive this can be different to the reality technicians face on the field daily.

The key in seeing this reality and possibly adjusting your support is you must build your relationships and understanding with your staff and then being prepared to back this up with them.

Training is the most important element in staff development for example but how do you know your current training schedule is what’s best suited for your technicians?

And what if you’re focusing on one part of your sales process in this training but your technicians deep down know they need practice on other steps instead?

The only way you’re going to pick up on these signs is by talking with your technicians in an environment where they feel confident enough to approach you and say “just my opinion but I reckon I need more focus on inspections and not sales communication, what can I do?”

Your technicians are only human and they’re going to have ups and downs in their performances and quite often this is linked to their personal lives.

Offering a genuine hello, asking how their day has been and if everything’s going ok when you see a technician can build a positive, supportive culture for your business.

If technicians feel they could use newer equipment or technology, talk to them and their supervisors and get some feedback on why this is and how it could help the sales process.

You don’t want to start buying or leasing unnecessary equipment or more iPads and iPhones just on a whim but if there are legitimate reasons behind this feeling then definitely look into it.

You may be surprised at the ideas stemming from this feedback and if workers know their thoughts are valued and genuinely listened to it will empower your technicians.

I also recommend monitoring personal relationships within your team and if you can see there are positive working connections between certain people, perhaps look at trailing pairing them up if a team is needed for an upcoming job.

If there is a technician with great sales results in the past but is currently slumping then perhaps schedule a job with a supervisor they get along particularly well with or have had proven success with previously.

When these slumps happen typically it’s not due to the quality or skills of the technician but instead their confidence or execution of the sales process, so partnering them with this type of supervisor can get their heads back into the game faster.

If you build the camaraderie in your team it does increase productivity and loyalty, which are very powerful factors in taking a business consistently to the next level.

So much of this is reliant on your technicians being able to speak up and taking your feedback on the chin, so make sure you have an understanding of their personality and how they’ve responded to communication with you in the past.

What is your process for offering the best support you can for your technicians?

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