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The Power of Positive Pricing

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What Business Are You In?



I’m often asked by clients and business professionals what is the most important area business owners should be focused on but for whatever reason can get overlooked.

Through my extensive business experience, including serving as the CEO of Service Professionals Australia, I’m a big believer marketing HAS to be more focused on for any business, not just those in the service industries.

When I get asked “what sort of business am I in?” I reply “I’m not in the plumbing or electrical business because I’m actually in the marketing and sales business.”

Marketing is the area that everyone in your company needs to invest and involve themselves more in, and I’m sure if you asked other successful entrepreneurs they’d give you a similar answer.

I find some companies for whatever reason may not be allocating appropriate resources to their marketing budget and therefore they may struggle in keeping their phones ringing.

Generally, the more companies invest resources and spend more time in marketing, the more that business is successful.

To some businesses and people the idea of “sales and marketing” can give a negative impression but really it shouldn’t.

If I was to ask you the question “tell me what sales means to you?” what would your first thought be?

Most people would have a negative response and perhaps think of a shady used car salesman or something similar, but that’s not what sales is about.

Sales is nothing more than the ability to clearly communicate to your customers and clients the product and services they need and you can provide.

Sales and marketing is the life blood of any business and trust me, it’s where I spend a considerable amount of my time and efforts in.

Also, do not limit your mindset to marketing is restricted to just your prices.

Sure, your price is a major component but it’s also about how you dress, how you talk and how you walk up to the customers.

Marketing is all about communicating to the prospect you have what they want.

I call my workers out on the field service technicians but they have a really good training in sales and customer relationships, and that takes time and investment from you as the business owner.

And I know for a lot of people in the service industry the word “sales” doesn’t seem to fit in to their vocabulary, but it has to.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not crazy to think if my technicians weren’t making sales, I wouldn’t be sharing my thoughts with you.

In other words, without effective sales and marketing I would not be in business and that’s just the way it is.


By Allan Ferguson


Allan Ferguson is the CEO of Service Professionals Australia.

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