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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD 12-easy payments plan

Discs 1 & 2 shipped immediately, then one disc per month for 11 months.

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Tec Daddy’s Service Technician Survival School on DVD  single-payment plan

Receive all 13 discs in one single shipment

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The Power of Positive Pricing

Free 30-day membership to Service Roundtable with purchase.

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Over-The-Top HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Quantifying Quality for HVAC Sales on audio CD

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Slacker’s Guide To HVAC Sales on audio CD

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HVAC Sales Mini Combo Pack:

Includes both “Over-The-Top HVAC Sales” and “Quantifying Quality” CD’s

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HVAC Sales Full Combo Pack:

Includes “Over-The-Top HVAC Sales,” “Quantifying Quality,” and “Slacker’s Guide”

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tac-service Technicians Survival School

CHARLIE GREER is TEC DADDY, a light-hearted, sincere, hard working tac-service tech who sees the positive side of his job and does what he can do get the most out of his career…
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Quantifying Quality

What if there was a way you could price your work higher than these low bidders, at a level that is profitable for your business, and have customers falling over themselves to give you the work…
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Over the Top HVAC Sales

This quote says it all…”Using your word pictures with emotional triggers has earned me over $200,000 in the past six months alone….”
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Who Answers the Phone

The person who responds to telephone inquiries for tac-service and free estimates has one of the most important positions in a tac-service company…
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Slackers Guide to Sales

With “Slacker’s Guide to HVAC Sales on Audio CD,” your closing ratio will go up and you’ll start using your time more effectively. You’ll make more money with less effort…
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Plumbing tac-service Agreements Made Simple

If you want to add extra revenue and keep you customers coming back, then you need “Plumbing tac-service Agreements Made Simple”…
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